Top Three Benefits of Implementing the GFCP In Your Food Business

Top Three Benefits of Implementing the Gluten-Free Certification Program In Your Food Business

The demand for gluten-free products remains strong in both the foodservice and retail sectors. Over 100 million North Americans are currently buying gluten-free products and the gluten-free food market is expected to reach $7.4 billion US dollars globally by 2021.

By participating in the Gluten-Free Certification Program, companies can benefit from the gluten-free market and its exponential growth by communicating their commitment to producing safe, reliable and trusted gluten-free products for consumers. Here are the top three benefits of implementing the Gluten Free Certification Program (GFCP) in your facility.


The GFCP is recognised by the Celiac community as being a trustworthy, reliable source of foods which are safe to eat.

By carrying one of the trademarks mentioned above, your product will display an instantly recognisable and credible trademark which is trusted by Celiac consumers across North America. These trademarks indicate that your product has been produced in a facility which has undergone rigorous checks to ensure that it is safe for Celiac consumers.


The GFCP is the only Program endorsed by the two leading Celiac Associations in North America

Beyond Celiac in the United States and the Canadian Celiac Association in Canada both endorse the GFCP and lend their trademarks to the Program. The Gluten-Free Certification Program is the only Program which is endorsed by either of these two very influential Celiac groups. The Allergen Control Group’s trademark is also available to be used for products sold outside of North America.


Independent third-party audits

Our independent third-party auditors currently conduct Gluten-Free Certification Program audits in 19 countries over five continents. GFCP audits may be performed as a “stand alone” audits or combined with a recognized food safety audit, such as one of the GFSI audit standards. In order to maintain an unbiased and truly independent relationship, the Gluten-Free Certification Program is not directly involved in any part of the audit process.

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